Women and Love

There are some matters to create appreciation or to give love between couples.

use many chances to reveal that we thank God for giving us someone as our spouse. The prescence of spouse not only our wish, but also should be appreciated. They are so precious for us so we are grateful that they are exist in our life.
We can show the appreciation by saying thank you, love staring, or do something they liked. In here occur the principle: starting from thank you, ended in thank you. Starting with ingratitude, ended in ingratitude.

SECONDGet gently. Insolent attitude not only leave scar to the receiver but also tear our appreciation to them.
Remember the principal here: More gently we treat our spose, they will be more valuable for us.
More insolent we treat them, they will look more contemn in our sight.

THIRDPay special attention to the needs of our spouse upon somebody else`s needs.
Love clearly expressed in the proportion of comparison. How we treat our spouse compare to how we treat another people.
Who or what we precede show who or what is important for us. In this case, speaking is louder than expression. So, the love expression should be supported by our action that prece them upon another people.
If it not happen, our spose will know that they are not important as we talked about. The principal in here: Sacrifice our needs is love. Sacrifice spouse`s needs is a shame.

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